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North Carolina Military

Our North Carolina military provides invaluable national security, global response forces, and “on-call” state disaster response capabilities. North Carolina military bases and supporting communities provide home and support for military service members and their families. The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) is focused on protecting North Carolina's military installations, working with military host communities, and helping military families and veterans.

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Economic Impact

Our defense sector represents the second-largest economic sector in North Carolina. Military bases, defense contracts, and a robust defense industry provide local jobs and significant economic impact across the state. With the fourth largest active-duty military population, a healthy defense sector, and trusted partnerships among DoD, industry, and academic communities, North Carolina is the most military and veteran-friendly state in the nation.

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Veteran Workforce

Veterans provide North Carolina with an experienced STEM workforce. Approximately 20,000 Veterans complete military service in North Carolina annually. Our North Carolina Veteran workforce is a unique, pre-screened, and experienced population. Today’s Veterans are young women and men who voluntarily served their country, fulfilled all commitments, and departed the military with leadership, technology, and work experience. Hire a Veteran!

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